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LMH - Another Successful Partnership

The Adelaide House Women Only Community Payback project is going from strength to strength...........

On Monday 8th December, the last of the 170 planters were completed and delivered to the various LMH sites. Since then, the women have been busy restoring garden furniture and jet spraying patios etc. to remove Moss.

LMH BenchesLMH Patio 1Pagoda Work LmhCp Gang On Site

It has been 4 weeks since we started our partnership project with Liverpool Mutal Homes and the Winter GardenĀ  Planters are taking shape with delivery to LMH Sheltered Housing blocks under way - a total of 30 planters have been put together by the womens unpaid work group and delivered out to 3 sites.

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The planting takes place at our on-site workshop at Adelaide House the girls are working 5 days a week to get the job done and all planters delivered to the 17 LMH Sheltered Housing Blocks before Christmas.

They are being situated in the garden areas of each block where LMH have previously errected Pagoda's for the enjoyment of their resident group.

They plants are beng enthusiastically welcomed by the residents who will enjoy a splash of colour in the gardens during the winter months. All residents spoken too have indicated they will be happy to take on the care and matainence of the planters.

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