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When I met Prince Charles


I was invited to a VIP event by Business In The Community (BITC), who helped me to get my job with Carillion.Amelia and Rachel asked if i would go along and represent Carillion, as one of BITC success stories. I said that i would be happy to go but i felt slightly nervous as i would have to get up and speak in front of alot of people. Despite this, i wanted to do it as it would help to build up my confidence. Amelia then told me that there would be a VIP guest attending?

On the day, My boss from Carillion: Mark Etheridge picked me up and we went to the event together. We went to local solutions offices where we were given name badges. I felt a little overwhelmed because it was set out very posh and i had a coffee with a saucer, which was a first for me!!

We mingled with some of the other guests and then we found Amelia and Rachel, i spoke to them about feeling nervous about speaking but she reassured me that i'd be ok.

Amelia and I then got welcomed on stage, after a few others had spoken and Amelia asked me questions about my experience with BITC and i told everyone i'd heard of BITC through one of the girls at Adelaide House and from speaking to that girl i got myself an interview then eventually a job with Carillion.

When i had finished speaking we all got put into little clusters and BITC all got put together then Prince Charles came over to us and shook our hands, he stopped and talked to me for a while asking me about my tattoos and asking me what jobs i did in Carillion. He was very nice and we ha a laugh about the prices of tattoos!!

I had such a lovely eperience speaking to Prince Charles and i'm very thankful to BITC, Adleiade House and Carillion becuase they all helped this experience happen.


Annabeth Matthews 20/05/2015



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