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When i first arrived at Adelaide House


When i first arrived at Adelaide House i had mixed emotions. I was relieved to be out of prison but scared of what it would be like. I remember being very upset and quite paranoid that people would be talking about me. The staff made me feel welcome and at ease and explained what Adelaide would do for me. On my first day, i isolated myself and just wanted to be on my own. All of the staff and residents were very friendly and as weeks went on, and i made friends, i felt more comfortable living at Adelaide House. As time went by, I gained more confidence and soon realised that Adelaide wasn't a bad place. After living here for a couple of months, i was offered a part time cleaning job. I was extremely grateful for this, as after being in prison, i didnt think i would be able to get a job. I have also completed various courses which have all improved my confidence and self esteem, these include: Footsteps, womens empowerment and anger management, and these have all helped me to get to where i am today. After doing the cleaning job for 7 months, i was offered the opportunity to participate in the Business In The Community Programme. As part of the programme, i completed 2 weeks work experience in Marks & Spencers and at the end of the 2 weeks, i was offered a paid job with them. This opportunity helped me to realise that i do actually have a future and this is thanks to the staff at Adelaide House. After living her for 13 months, it feels more like home not a hostel.



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