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My experience of Adelaide House: An account by R.J.


When i was initially told that i would have to reside in a hostel called Adelaide House, way up in Liverpool, the anipathy i already felt towards people working with me became exacerbated but there was nothing i could do about it and in the end i was just overjoyed that i would no - longer be an inmate. 

I fell asleep during my car journey to Liverpool as i was exhausted from the drama that staff tried to create for me that morning when i was leaving prison. 

On arrival, i thought the detached house, in the middle of no-where resembled Amitaville, and the fact that I didn't see any Asian or Black people made me think 'Oh the horror' (for the house), and for F**k sake man, i need my black hair products! In my mind i was having one of my 'Diva strops', but i made sure that it didn't manifest into one of my infamous 'B**ch flips'.

I was greeted by two very pleasant women when i first entered the premises. I felt some anxiety because of the other residents who were looking at me wondering who i was. I didn't wonder who they were as i wanted nothing to do with them, and on top of that i felt very ill due to suffering from travel sickness.

For the first month i felt different emotions: anger, sadness and anxiety because i expected to be judged and abused, as through out the whole of my life i've always been subjected to this, but this did not occur, this was 'so' different, but  a 'good' different and i am ashamed to say that i did struggle with this for a while. The staff could see this as they always encouraged me to socialise more, and included me in every activity going, so i had no choice but to socialise, and i was always reminded that i was no - longer in prison and i can 'now exhale'. 

Eventually i did take on board the advice given to me by the staff, and i am so grateful that they never gave up on me. I am always encouraged by the staff to utilize the lessons i've learnt from my past experiences aswell as the new skills and knowledge i've acquired from the programmes here, constructively to make me wiser and a better human being.

In other words at Adelaide House, the staff DIS-ENABLE the negative thinking and actions which lead people into unneccesary problems and ENABLE the new positive thinking and actions which will bring about only good in our lives. 

To all the staff at Adelaide House, muchas, muchas Gracias. 



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