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Resident to Resident " most frequently asked questions"


Resident to Resident these are our "most frequently asked questions and answers"

1) Is it true that all residents are junkies?

Not at all, Adelaide House accomodates women from all walks of life, whatever her issues, staff are at hand to supervise and assist. 

2) Will I be recalled for being 5 minutes late or because my rooms a mess, or because I ‘m being a nuisence?

As part of your order or licence with probation and /or Adelaide House you will have certain restrictions I.e. curfews or drug testing, the idea is not to abuse the trust placed in you. The staff at Adelaide House want to help you, not punish you further. It takes something serious to be recalled.

 3) Who at the hostel will recall me?

It is not a decision that is made by the staff.

It’s your offender manager and / or hostel management that make this decision. Take some responsibility your self though, we all know what we are here for and what we should and shouldn't be doing!  Lets face it, its down to you and your behaviour whether you are recalled, breached or lose your bed !

 4) Can I do whatever I want?

No one wants to control every part of your life, however hostel life has structure and routine that has to be abided by. As long as you abide by your licence conditions and don’t put yourself and others at risk, your free time is your own.

5) What happens if you can't get on with the other residents?

 As in any situation of shared living, you won’t get on with everyone all the time. But as an adult you are expected to try to get along, be respectful of one another and do your best to sort differences out. Staff are on hand at all times to help in these situations and most things are worked out in the end !.

6) Can I see my family and can they visit me at the hostel?

Of course you can! The hostel actively encourages family ties. However at the moment it doesn’t have the facilities for childrens visits,  but is hoping to in the future.

Staff work closely with social services and other agencies to resume contact between residents and their children.

7) What happens if I come back drunk?

Every individual case is different, but it maybe that you are required, by your licence or bail conditions, to remain alcohol free and have therefore breached your conditions - the Court or offender manager will consider your case and decide the most appropriate outcome. 

Alternatively you may be told to remain on the premise for a period of the time while you address your alcohol issues.

There are regular & random alcohol and drug tests for all residents.

8) Is the hostel dirty?

No, Adelaide House employs cleaners who actually reside there. There is also a residents cleaning rota to encourage all the residents to help keep the hostel clean. We are all expected to keep our rooms clean and take pride in our surroundings.

9) Are there men at Adelaide House?

No Adelaide House is a womens hostel and believes in the benefits of a women only service delivered by women.



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