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Cherise - a volunteers story


Hello, my name is Cherise  and I started attending Adelaide House in March 2013, after being sentenced to 150 hours of Community Payback.

My order required for me to attend 1 day per week but Adelaide House were flexible and allowed for me to attend 2 days per week. This helped me to complete my hours in June 2013.

During my time completing my community hours, I have undertaken various tasks including, Painting & Decorating, Gardening, Cleaning, and numerous other manual jobs. As I enjoyed the environment in which I was working, I always gave 100% and my dedication & enthusiasm didn’t go un-noticed, and as a result, I was offered the opportunity to continue my work at Adelaide House on a voluntary basis.

I now assist Adelaide House staff in supervising the Community payback workers with various projects. These include: The maintenance of 2 local churches, the running of a local food bank and the up keep of a local cemetery.

In addition to the above, I have taken all of the opportunities offered to me to continue my personal development, recently completing the Level 1 qualification in Employability Skills, Level 1 qualification in Flower arranging and an Anger management programme.

The latest opportunity offered to myself is the role of Peer Mentor, which I am looking forward to commencing in the near future.



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