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12 Months at Adelaide


On 11th February 2016, i was released from court after being charged with an offence of Arson with intent to endanger life. I was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, to run concurrently with a community order and a condition of residence at Adelaide House for 12 months.

I knew i was very lucky not to have been sent to jail because of how bad the charge was. It was very scary as it was my first offence and the first time that i had been in trouble with the law. 

When i first arrived at Adelaide House, i was nervous. The staff welcomed me in and after completing the rules and regulations, i was given a tour of the house, shown my room, given a key, a  dressing gown and some toiletries, which was great because i had no money to buy any myself. 

The staff and residents made me feel very welcome. The house is very homely and is cleaned 7 days per week. All of us residents are woken at 7am each weekday morning for medication and then we have a house meeting at 9am. In the meeting, we receive our post, our groups for the day are confirmed, we choose our meals and we can discuss and issues or concerns.

During the day, we do different groups: Footsteps, Waave, Crisis groups etc. I really enjoy doing the groups as they keep my mind occupied. Of a weekend, there are activities also, like: pampering, bingo, karaoke and board games. 

My family are really happy that i am at Adelaide as they know where i am and that i am safe. You have to sign in and out each time you leave or return to the house. This is a good thing because then they know where you are going and when you are back. 

One night i didn't go back to Adelaide when i was supposed to. I thought that i was going to be in serious trouble, but when i came back the following day, the staff were more concerned about where i had been and whether i was ok. (I did get in trouble but it was nice to know that they cared).

From time to time, we have auctions, where the staff and other people donate clothes, shoes, bags, perfume etc. Then the girls bid on and buy the items. All of the money raised then goes back to the girls for activities and days out. We recently went to delamere forest, ice skating and to southport.

I really like living at Adelaide and i would like to be able to live here for as long as i need.

Thank you to Adelaide House and all of the staff for helping me to get on the right track.Olivia Taylor 25/10/16



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